~Lola sa Tuhod~

One night together with my friends in one of the subdivisions in Muntinlupa, we were sharing our life stories since that day is October 31, 2003, One day before all saints day. We seldom see each other during normal days of the year because we are studying in different high schools and universities. I’m studying in a Chinese school that time in Pasay. I seldom go to Muntinlupa due to hectic schedules. Minsan lang sa isang taon ma kumpleto ang barkada, mga kababata ko rin sila kaya matagal na kaming magkakaibigan. During special days lang kami nakukumpleto like All saints day, Christmas, New year and “Holly Week”. Kasi dun lang kami nakakauwi sa mga bahay namin sa Muntinlupa. So kapag may ganoong opportunity talagang magdamag kami sa kalsada nagkukwentuhan about sa mga buhay namin since bihira lang kami magkita.

It’s about 10pm at night when I decided to go inside our house, I’m having my skate board with me. Upon entering our gate I placed my skate board near our mini garden planted with Santan flowers. As i put down my skate board into the ground i saw beside me a bright light, about 3 meters away beside me. I saw in my peripheral vision an image of a lady wearing a white dress with long black hair. Her feet were not on the ground. She was floating in the air, the position of her feet is like she is been crucified but there’s no blood on it.

I don’t recognized it as a ghost so I just pass by at her, and went to my aunt’s house just behind our house. Because in our big lot we have 3 houses, the front house is our house the middle house is occupied by my auntie and she serves as our care taker since we seldom use that house because we are living in Pasay so that we can be near in our schools and work places. The 3rd house is being rented by some other family as an extra income for us. Upon arriving to my aunt’s house, that’s the time I recognized that the image i saw is a ghost, a white lady I think. I immediately told that to my aunt and we all became frightened.

The next day we call up my grand mother, “Also has the abilities that others doesn’t normally have”. She is a well know “Albularyo” in their place in Caloocan, maybe i inherited my talent from her, we told her what happened last night and as she performed her Latin prayer and rituals such as “Tawas” so that we can distinguish who’s that lady was. After the ritual she call us via telephone and told as that it was my great grand mother, “Lola sa tuhod”, her mom. She said that my great grand mother wants us to visit her grave since that day is all saints day. “Since I’m the one who has the special ability in our family kaya daw sa akin nagpakita para iremind kami”. My auntie and my elder brother also has these abilities but we think I have the most developed one. It runs through our vein, the ability to sense or to see what other.

So since that it reminded us to visit and to remember our love one’s especially those who already past away. We should not forget them even after death because they are always there guiding us.


Story Sender #10 : Jan Michael Sy

Age : 21

Gender : Male

Location : Pasay City


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